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THE LONDON CABARET is a new show by Steve Devereaux.

The London Cabaret

Steve pins it down nicely:

Bohemian Retro!

Edgy, sudden and idiosyncratic, The London Cabaret retools classic swing and jazz with a liberal seasoning of all new material. Expect some extraordinary twists and turns as a switchback narrative reveals the hidden connections between Cole Porter and heroin addiction, the route that led Philip Larkin to a trailer park in Las Vegas. How Robbie Robertson ended up in the Thames and why Dylan Thomas can be found in a mobile army whorehouse.

Intrigued? All will be revealed at the London Cabaret…

The current line-up is Steve, plus, Julian Littman (Guitar), Dai Watts, (Piano), Simon Webb (Keyboards), Eric Guy (Bass), and Ric Elsworth (Drums)

We are currently working on an album, and booking a few gigs to try things out. Watch this space for announcements about gigs.

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