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Everybody Powwow! – A journey into the Badlands. Everybody Powwow Blog

Blog: On February 27th, 1973, an American public, wearied by the Vietnam War, woke to the unreal prospect of guerrilla war in its own heartland. American Indians converged on a small village in South Dakota and vowed to change the world, or die….(more)

Everybody Powwow! – From San Tropez to JFKEverybody Powwow! Blog

Blog: I wake to the sound of surf, the sea, lapping at my feet. The light hurts. I push down into my sleeping bag. It’s wet. There’s a heavy dew. I rub my eyes, my skin is sore, the sun is already hot. I reach for a bottle of water, drink and lie back….(more)


New York 1978 blog

Everybody Powwow! – New York – This is the life!

Blog: Arriving in New York, Joe Eula turns out to be a very good host. He has a stunning apartment on West 54th Street, and seems to know everyone; Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, and Miles Davis (with whom I have a memorable brief phone conversation) to name but three. It would be very easy to be seduced by all the magic that New York has to offer, but…(more)

Everybody Powwow! – The Master Recordings. (Part 1) blog
Everybody Powwow! – The Master Recordings. (Part 1)

Blog: By the time Ian Tompson greeted me at the front gate of Humber Road Studios in Blackheath, on the first day of recording Everybody Powwow!, I thought I was well prepared, and was looking forward to finally getting in the studio with my songs. I had good demos, click tracks with guide keyboards, bass and vocals to work to, musicians and an engineer I knew well, and the budget for a three-week recording period.  What could possibly go wrong? It never crossed my mind, driving into the studio that day, that I would be making the same journey three years later, still finessing the album! More of that anon…..(more)

Simon Webb ComposerFilm Composer for Mark Murphy’s dark thriller – Awaiting

Blog: One recent commission as a film composer was the score for the new British thriller Awaiting, directed by Mark Murphy. It was produced by Green Screen Productions, and stars Tony Curran, Diane Vickers, and Rupert Hill.

The film received its world premiere on March 1st at the Fantasporto Film Festival, in Porto, Portugal. It won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor (Tony Curran) at the Horrorant film festival in Athens. The Huffington Post described Simon Webb’s music as “a glorious score”. (Read more)

London CabaretThe London Cabaret

Edgy, sudden and idiosyncratic, The London Cabaret retools classic swing and jazz with a liberal seasoning of all new material. Expect some extraordinary twists and turns as a switchback narrative reveals the hidden connections between Cole Porter and heroin addiction, the route that led Philip Larkin to a trailer park in Las Vegas. how Robbie Robertson ended up in the Thames and why Dylan Thomas can be found in a mobile army whorehouse.

Intrigued? All will be revealed at the London Cabaret… (Read more)

Spidercat Boat BlogBuilding Your Own Boat

I have always had a dream of building my own boat. Boats have great shapes, great personality.  And as soon as you set off in your boat, wherever you are, you get a terrific feeling of independence. You leave the land behind, and head out, and it’s a wilderness. Your wilderness!….(read more)

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