Simon Webb has composed and produced three albums to date: Everybody Powwow! (a double album), A Leap Into The Light, and The Brain.  You can preview and purchase these albums at iTunes:  Everybody Powwow! hereThe Brain here, and A Leap Into the Light here

CD Baby Customer review of THE BRAIN

Hugely atmospheric, an enticing aural landscape.

In the UK Simon Webb is largely known for his work in film and television so it’s intriguing to get to hear him stretch out a little on his own album THE BRAIN.

Not suprisingly, for someone who works in film, the music is hugely atmospheric.

Synthesizers skirt and cry, pan pipes ripple across the stereo and the listener enters a wide aural landscape that is at once enticing and menacing.

The are hints of Pink Floyd and Phillip Glass and here is a composer who clearly knows and loves his Stravinsky. Perhaps the brilliance is that it’s a challenging work which operates on many levels, but which remains entirely accessible to the casual listener.

The one area where the album works less well is the spoken word which often seems to interrupt the mood rather than improve it.

This is a soundtrack for a film yet to be made. Directors in need of a world music score that will beguile and terrify the audience in equal measure need look no further.

In the meantime, buy the album and enjoy the movie in your head.


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